Quality Objectives


Business requirements are changing fast and in order to provide the business solutions which meet and satisfy the customer expectations a modern company has to define clear organization structures and effective business processes. By implementing a quality management system the enterprise is focusing on customer requirements and providing all elements and procedure to assure a high service quality. Following the international standard ISO 9001:2015 allows to check and certify the effectiveness of the management system by an independent, accredited certification institution.

The implementation of a certified management system requires a high level commitment and qualified and motivated staff.

In many businesses the confirmation of a certified quality management improves the access to the market or is even a basic requirement.

Commitment of the management

The Management of Horizon Teleports GmbH commits itself to implement our quality policy, to strive for our quality objectives, and to develop our abilities to improve


Management commitment

Horizon Teleports management aims to implement the management system in the company and continually improve its effectiveness. The management takes suitable steps to fulfil the customer’s requirements appropriately and comply with legal and local authority regulations.

The management organises the establishment of basic company and quality principles, agrees on quality objectives that will also be monitored, ensures regular assessment of the effectiveness of the management system and supplies the resources required to achieve this.

The aim of Horizon Teleports Management is to achieve customer satisfaction, by following defined processes, controlling the execution with financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPI’s), reviewing weaknesses and improving them accordingly by taking corrective and preventive measures .

Customer focus

When providing quotes and processing orders, the customer’s expectations of our services are identified and taken into account whilst respecting HT interests. During the product to market procedures the customer’s expectations must be fulfilled.

Horizon Teleports recognizes its customer satisfaction as being one key to long-term success.

Corporate Policy


Horizon Teleports increases value through high-quality innovative services. This commitment results in impact and success for our customers. We strive to deliver services of excellent quality and highest security standard.